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Entrepreneurs and Founders of start-up firms aspire to build globally renowned ventures during their pre-launch phase. However, only a select few survive the crowd and climb the steps of success compared to others. The secret to this is Blitzscaling – a set of techniques that are bound to help you scale up your growth and success factor and push your respective competitors out of the waters.

Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, share their recipe for boiling mission-oriented, global businesses at a fast pace.

I’m not planning on Blitzscaling Crawford anytime soon, however, found a plethora of ideas and techniques in Blitzscaling that translate well to my Crawford and to my engagements helping ambitious business owners grow their companies.

While there is a bias towards Silicon Valley startups, the authors do draw on a broader cross-section of businesses in their case studies and examples which helped me contextualise the key points.

If you are ambitious and planning to grow, this is a great read, and I am sure you will find some ideas to try in your own business, division or department.

Blurb from the Book:

A breakneck pace growth requires varied strategies from those that got you to where you are today. For almost 80% of the world, the terms start-up and Silicon Valley work synonymously as many global giants grew from a garage start-up to Silicon Valley, but there are secrets to their extraordinary success.

This book guides you through the learning process of building a start-up, drawing analysis from experiences that help scale ventures from not just zero to one but one to a billion-dollar global avenue. Readers of the book will navigate through an array of strategies ranging from business model designs that support flash-growth, significant shifts for effectiveness and efficient targeting.

About the Authors:

The Co-founder of LinkedIn that houses about 500 million members in 200 countries worldwide, Reid Hoffman is a partner at Greylock Partners (joined in 2009). He also serves on the Boards of Edmodo,Airbnb, Microsoft, and Convoy. He was formerly an executive vice president at PayPal and was also its founding board member. Reid has done masters in philosophy from the Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar and bachelors from Stanford University with distinction in symbolic systems.

Chris Yeh is a mentor, writer and entrepreneur. He has two bachelor’s degree with distinction from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar. He is also the co-author to The Alliance along with Reid Hoffman, which is a New York Times Bestseller.


  1. As Reid Hoffman says, “Starting a company is like throwing yourself off the cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down.” However, Blitz Scaling is jumping off a cliff, assembling the plane even faster, strapping on, igniting the engines, while still building its wings.
  2. It’s a do or die situation.
  3. Earlier you had two points to consider, speed scaling or efficient scaling. Now you have a third alternative that provides you with better results than the former two.
  4. Blitz scaling is prioritising speed over efficiency while you face uncertainty.
  5. Not every company can or should Blitzscale. However, each of them can benefit from the framework that breaks down seven key attributes of a highly scalable company.
  6. Accept risks and manage to navigate through it responsibly – this is when you will be able to move faster than your immediate competitors.
  7. Companies that opt for Blitzscaling need to understand and be comfortable around the chaos it creates in the early stages of development.


As a business owner, the key to venturing out in the wild and exploring is to be open to whatever is thrown your way. You need to take risks while ensuring that you have sufficient tools to propel the growth. The guidance and skillsets provided by Hoffman and Yeh in the book are compelling and worth considering for entrepreneurs seeking exponential growth. This book is not just an informative paperback but an asset for those who think beyond the ordinary.

The book takes you through the positive aspects of Blitz Scaling, while it does acknowledge the risks involved, it doesn’t provide one with in-depth analysis and lessons learnt from the failures of Blitz Scaling.

The book is interesting to read, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn about the many benefits of Blitz Scaling. It focuses more on successful business case studies than the failures. However, provided the author’s reasonable experience in the said field, the book fails to bring out more than just the basics of growing a fast-paced company in modern times.

The book teaches interesting concepts and modules outlining techniques that help grow the customer base and incentivise organisational strategies proportional to the size of the company or venture as well as the management it involves.

This book will allow you to explore a number of case studies and provide you with toolkits that are relevant to your market. It includes challenges, opportunities and difficulties that many start-ups face during their growing stages and shares key secrets to build mission-oriented, global businesses with exponential growth.

The book captures Hoffman’s investment philosophy over timely real-time cases. It leads with a success story of Airbnb while simultaneously diving into scores of other blitz scaling firm. You will be fascinated by the cohesion these company stories’ possess.

In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, “Blitzscaling shows how companies can build value for customers and shareholders in the digital age. A compelling inside view of how the new economy is being built and is transforming global business.”

The book is an enjoyable read, considering the linguistic, tone, and the metaphors it uses. One of them being, ‘the good news is, you’ve harpooned a whale. And the bad news is, you’ve harpooned a whale’ as said by the founder of Dropbox.


This book is a compelling case study that takes you through fresh insights, vivid cases of failures (less) and success (more) as well as actionable key suggestions and pieces of advice. It is a must-read for entrepreneurs, upcoming founders, executives and businesspeople.

If you are someone who is just starting, wish to invest or begin a venture of your own, then Blitzscaling is a must-buy irrespective of your goals and targets. This book allows you to liquefy your process of hyper capitalisation in the opening of the market system.

Book Review

book review

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