Black Network stone 8mm beads bracelet

Sometimes simple accessories are all that an individual needs to glam up their look with, and the Black stone bead bracelet is one of it. Engulfed in sterling silver chain the Black Network stone 8mm beads boho bracelet will accessorize any outfit from western to indo-western or Indian. The product is available in jet black color with 8mm precious black stones. The addition of sterling silver chain makes the bracelet look trendy. The round shaped black beads of the bracelet can slide through the wrist and enhance one’s looks.

The meditation black beads of the bracelet have healing properties and aids in relieving stress and anxiety. The healing boho bracelet gets further enhanced with intermingling silver rings that adorn the wrist and give it the look of a trendy bangle. The chic boho bracelet contains 22 healing energy beads which can be opted as a gifting option on birthdays or anniversaries. These are allergy free, no fading black bead 8mm stone bracelet which is durable and helps in maintaining daily energy balance. With its comfortable wearing features, the size of the bracelet is accurate for the majority. The black bead stone bracelet is a handmade product that is sure to create a fashion statement.

Product Description

product description

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