A Countdown Of The Top Fourteen Most Successful Shark Tank Pitches


“How on earth did they come up with that friggin’ idea?” is the question that never fails to pop up in your mind the moment you tune into the episodes of “Shark Tank”, right? The episodes showcase a thousand business ideas of which only some make it past the deadly sharks, while the rest are ripped apart into pulp. But if the fierce sharks aka the hotshot business tycoons Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran take the bait, the profits of that successful business entrepreneur skyrocket into millions and billions within just a couple of days! Isn’t that fascinating?

So hey! Let’s check out the most successful Shark Tank pitches!

14. Drop Stop

  • The Bermuda Triangle might continue to scare us for centuries, but the Carmuda Triangle can be overcome with the quirky invention of Drop Stop that will resolve your worries over dropping car keys and stuff inside the car.
  • The Drop Stop is a foam-stuffed log that can be fitted into the crack between the center console and the car seat to make the dropped things easily accessible. Co-inventors Jeffrey Simon and Marc Newburger sealed the business deal in 2012 with a grand revenue of $24 million.

13. Chef Big Shake

  • The sharks fell hook, sink, and anchor in love with the tasty and delicious shrimp burgers that secured a host of off-screen investment offers of funding the deal.
  • The banner of Chef Big Shake streaked past $30,000 to $5 million with chicken popcorn and patty which won the taste buds of millions including his vegan daughter who couldn’t help but return to the world of meaty delicacies.

12. Simply Fit Board

  • Designed to tone up and carve the abdominal muscles, The Simply Fit Boards are vibrantly colored skateboards with the wheels ripped off to make for a balancing device invented by Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman, who managed to convince Lori Greiner to trust them and seal the deal with a grand offer.
  • The sales shot to the sky from $575,000 to a whopping $9 million in just a few months with placements at Walmart and Home Depot locations.

11. Copa Di Vino

  • Pitching is the Copa Di Vino in the tank of the fierce sharks stands as an inspiration for newcomers and budding entrepreneurs. While scoring even a single opportunity at the Shark Tank is rare, Copa Di Vino shattered all impediments with a second chance to the world of business with the business idea of single serve wine goblets or glasses that come with a seal that helps to keep the wine fresh and savory.
  • In spite of not having a partner, James Martin, the inventor of Copa Di Vino zoomed like a raging bullet from $500,000 to $5 million in no time at all. The Sharks aren’t a big fan of his brazen way of dealing and negotiating, but that didn’t stop the Copa Di Vino from securing a sale of 38 million glasses in the year 2017.


  • At Number 10, it is KISSTIXX, the bold lip balm that took over the world after the sharks loosened up with Kevin O’Leary sharing a demo Frenchie with Barbara Corcoran.
  • The kiss sealed the deal, of course, showering the owners Mike Buonomo and Dallas Robinson with a huge amount of $200,000 at 40% stake!
  • Let’s take a sneak peek at the fruity havoc KISSTIXX, shall we? The dual-flavored and moisturizing chapstick preps the lips before a steamy make-out session and makes kissing a delicious experience. Perfect for Kissing Booths, right?
  • The business boomed like an atom bomb with an increase in internet traffic to its website by about 3000% and an instant sale of more than 5000 lip balms within minutes of airing the show. The product was distributed in seven different countries and given a friendly promotional boost by the country singer Danielle Peck.

9. Ava The Elephant medicine dispenser

  • Ava, The Elephant, is cute, adorable, and welcomed by every troubled mother who is literally on the verge of banging the head on the wall what with numerous failed attempts at getting her precious infant to take the bitter medicine.
  • Ava is a medicine dispenser designed and pitched in by the young mum Tiffany Krumins. Even though it doesn’t have a patent (much to the disdain of the business shark Kevin O’Leary), Krumins’ business idea got a precious shout out from the shark Barbara Corcoran.
  • Not even deadly cancer could pull the feisty mum down who squared a $50,000 for a 50% stake. Much to the delight of frustrated mums, Ava the medicine dispenser is sold in ten different countries across the globe in more than 10,000 different retail outlets that include the drug store giants like Walgreens and CVS.

8. Daisy Cakes

  • Cakes might sound quite ordinary, but they are not when they have been churned out by the deadly duo Geraldine Adams and her mum Kim Daisy Nelson.
  • The bakers from South Carolina meant business when the entrepreneur mum deftly pointed out that the male sharks were being reluctant about sealing the deal in spite of digging into the delicacies with full gusto.
  • Fascinated with her bold move, Barbara stepped up with a big offer of $50,000 at a 25% stake.
  • The Daisy Cakes business maneuvered neatly past the deadly sharks and got featured in favorite talk shows like “Anderson Cooper,” “The Nate Berkus Show,” “The Today Show,” and more before roaring into the baking industry like a profiteering hurricane!

7. The Painted Pretzel

  • Featured in a Shark Tank episode in 2012, The Painted Pretzel, business began as a fancy dream of a young entrepreneur, Raven Thomas, who wanted to make her son happy, with pretzels coated with sweet and salty chocolate. Mark Cuban waved his magic wand to metamorphose her dream into a spectacular reality with a deal offer of $100,000 at a 25% stake.
  • The sales shot into the galaxy with $1.5 million revenue by the end of 2014. Raven Thomas succeeded in diversifying the client portfolio by launching the idea of corporate gifting with the companies of Fortune 500!

6. ChordBuddy

  • The music teacher, Travis Perry, took his game up another notch with thirty years of experience with teaching music to kids.
  • Perry’s business deal was showcased in one of the episodes of Shark Tank in 2012. His innovative project ChordBuddy is a device designed with the objective of soothing the frustration of the young learners. The invention allows the guitar player to work on the rhythms of the right hand until they learn to play the chords on their own.
  • ChordBuddy won the hearts of everyone on the show, especially of the business shark Robert Herjavec who sealed the deal with $175,000 at 20% stake. Herjavec did not stop there but went on to promote ChordBuddy on the channel Canada Shopping, making the business shoot to gross revenue of $1.5 million.
  • ChordBuddy is currently available at 200 different retail outlets, and Perry is busy partnering with the big shots like John Rich from the renowned duo Big & Rich.

5. Pork Barrel BBQ

  • Let’s say that the deadly sharks were lured into the business deal thanks to the reckless with and courage of the entrepreneurs’ duo Brett Thompson and Heath Hall who made the bold declaration that they had 10,000 units already up for sale.
  • While the sharks pondered on whether the units will be cleared at the sale or not, Barbara stepped up with a tune of $50,000 at a 50% stake.
  • It was only a matter of minutes, after which Costco And NASCAR approached the entrepreneur duo with partnership offers, while the famous country music star George Strait put forth a sponsoring request for his concert tours.
  • Despite a somewhat rocky start, Pork Barrel BBQ hit the million dollar mark with a grand sale $4 million. With more than 3500 outlets in Canada, Europe, and the United States, the business has launched five more products and emerged the winner in several renowned world barbecue competitions.

4. Tower Paddle Boards

  • What had seemed to be lost case, managed to scrape past the monstrous sharks with a deal of $150,000 at 30% stake from the generous Mark Cuban. The newbie entrepreneur, Stephan Aarstol, stuttered and stammered and almost froze while delivering his pitch, but in the end, he succeeded in shattering his jitters and alluring the sharks to take the bait.
  • The profits zoomed past the measly $100,000 to a friggin million in just a few months of their show. Currently, Tower Paddle Boards are available across 40 different countries, and more and Aarstol is an inspiration for all the shaky but tenacious newbies trying to make a pitch in the tank of the business sharks.

3. Readerest

  • Rick Hopper succeeded in making the show one of the most memorable episodes of all times with his enigmatic business idea that won the hearts of millions. His innovative yet straightforward magnetic eyeglasses holder wasn’t quite the cup of tea of the business shark Kevin O’Leary, but Lori Greiner stepped up to secure the business with a grand deal of $150,000 at 65% stake.
  • The revenue doubled, trebled, and shot into the sky with $8 million in the last couple of years. With the product currently being sold at over 6000 different outlets, the entrepreneur is recently talking business with Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and Walmart.

2. Plate Topper

  • Business negotiations became pretty intense with the business pitch of the Plate Topper, a device that is fastened to a plate to make storing the leftover food more convenient. Invented by Michael Tseng, an engineer by hobby and doctor by profession, the Plate Topper managed to entice the interests of the sharks in the tank, so much so that a bidding war ensued for almost two hours, but alas! The deal tanked, and the sorry entrepreneur walked out without a single offer in his hand.
  • But to heck with it! The Plate Topper succeeded phenomenally with Walmart stepping up to stock its shelves with the product in over 1000 of its outlets after the Plate Topper emerged the winner in the “Get On The Shelf” contest. The sharks might be kicking themselves, well at least a little bit, right about now.

1. Scrub Daddy

  • Business entrepreneur Aaron Krause, maneuvered past the sharks with a smile on his face and a sunny-faced versatile cleaning scrub in his hand that he pitched in at the Shark Tank episode in 2012.
  • The cleaning scrub varies in its firmness with the temperature of the water and handles any cleaning task that you can think of in the house.
  • The extreme versatility of the scrub did not fail to make a mark in the minds of the shark Lori Greiner, who stepped up much against the discord of Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary with a large offer of $200,000 at 20% stake.
  • Since then, product sales has been like a blazing inferno reaching up to $18 million, and available at thousands of retail outlets in the country. Krause is now collaborating with Lori Greiner to launch new products like scrub blocks and more.


If you have got quirky business ideas up your sleeve, then the sharks have got your back with thousands of dollars that will be drizzled all over your business plan to make it shoot through the ceiling with profits and sales. If you can’t wait to climb to the zenith, then dive into the tank to battle against the deadly sharks in a race against time to seal your business and success with thousands and millions of dollars on the offer, promotional sales, and a world of business strategies and lucrative proposals.


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