Witness Nature through the Eyes of Thailand


Thailand & Cambodia—a Walk Down the Memory Land
Explore Thailand through the Ravishing Beaches to the Untold Mystery of History


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers who wish to live life to the fullest. It is well known for its serenity, nightlife, and the various ayurvedic centers that aid in rejuvenating life. So to explore the beauty of Thailand and Cambodia, Trips n Trek has organized a ten days adventure package for solo travel lovers.  The rip starts from Feb 14 till Feb 23. So all the single souls, brooding over another single valentine’s day can join this trip and make one of the memorable moments of the life


The Aura of Thailand & Cambodia

Opulent royal palaces, exotic beaches, ornate temples, and historic ruins adorn the cityscape of Thailand. It is the land of Buddha where an individual yearning for inner peace can attain it. Breaking from the monotony of everyday life, Thailand’s serene ambiance with the tropical lush green gardens is indeed blissful. However one can also witness a confluence of the contemporary world with modern day lifestyle. While several ayurvedic and yoga centers have sprung up all across Thailand, in its capital city Bangkok, the lifestyle is entirely different with ample of nightclubs, pubs, and heaven for shopaholics.


Contrary to the high lifestyle of Bangkok and serenity of Thailand, Cambodia another Southeast Asian country is renowned for the famous Angkor Vat temple. The intrinsic architectural ruins which Cambodia displays are unmatched. Cambodia has earned a special place in history with the series of golden and dark eras which it witnessed. Thus on this trip solo, travelers can learn from this historic relics and as well enjoy the nightlife culture of Bangkok.


Travel diary for Thailand & Cambodia

Trips n Trekhas chosen to visit Thailand and Cambodia in February because it is the last season that has a dry spell. The journey takes a rewind cycle from the modern era to prehistoric times. It will begin by exploring the nightlife culture and shopping malls of Bangkok followed by a city tour of Bangkok City. The city is also famous for its floating market wherein one can finds groceries to flowers.


After spending a hectic tour and overlooking the busy streets of Bangkok, it’s now time for some relaxation at Krabi, a place which is well-known for the scenic beauty, dense mangrove forest, limestone cliffs, and several offshore islands. Taking a boat ride solo travelers can explore four main islands of Krabi. After exploring the islands and peninsulas of Krabi, a night at Phuket is mesmerizing as one gets to absorb the local flavor of the place.


With the next dawn, an exotic boat trip awaits for the single souls who will be thrilled with silver sand beauty with palm trees, and towering limestone cliffs of the Phi Phi Islands. The crystal blue water with a lush green ambiance and clear sky can provide solace in the minds of the visitors. The trip takes a turn towards a more historic place of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Exploring the historic temples of Siem Reap, visitors often remain in awe with the marvelous knowledge of art and architecture that people from history had. The small countryside village with less honking of cars and the delicatessens of authentic Cambodian dishes served with rice cooked in bamboo is mouth melting.


Solo backpacking for Thailand & Cambodia

The exciting fact about solo traveling is coming out of the comfort zone and getting a chance to interact with like-minded souls from all across the globe. Currently, with Trips n Trek 6 people from various centers of the world are already on board for this adventurous journey.  This solo trip will unveil diverse perspectives of the inner ‘YOU,’ which was till now staying in a dormant state due to the hustle bustle of everyday life.


With all the challenges that one faces during traveling, it aids in boosting the inner self-confidence and gives complete independence of spending a few days of the life as per one’s desires. With Trips n Trek one can get the following advantages while visiting Thailand.


  • Making new friend is on the cards with whom, an individual can live a few days of their lives like never before
  • Traversing through the path of history, Trips n Trek unfolds several layers of adventure for the group of newbies
  • Trips n Trek is not a travel company, rather is the hub for solo travelers where on every trip an experienced group leader accompanies the group
  • Going on this exotic trip as a solo traveler will become one of the most unforgettable moments in one’s life


Packing Tips for visiting Thailand & Cambodia

Thailand is a tropical hub with a mix of greenery and human-made architecture. Thus, while traveling here, one must never forget to view this checklist.


  • It is imperative to carry the passport, currency and other documents and keep them in a protective cover to prevent distortion
  • Carry slip-on shoes like the strappy sandals as in Thailand people often have to take off shoes at cafes, restaurants, temples, beaches, etc.
  • Keep an additional bottle of water
  • Carry the sunscreen lotion to combat the sun at various beaches and offshore islands
  • Keep a rain jacket in the backpack along with a mix of summer clothes like shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, along with long dresses, loose pants, skirts, etc.
  • Don’t forget to carry the stylish beachwear, sarong, beach hat, and a quick dry towel
  • Pack a pair of hiking shoes as in some places of Cambodia and Thailand; individuals have to climb rough terrain


Thus, traveling to Thailand and Cambodia with Trips n Trek will become an unforgettable adventure which will keep reminiscing of the good times;a solo traveler can spend with several like-minded individuals. Every need of the travelers will be taken care of by the management. Safety is a concern while making a solo trip,but with Trips n Trek, it’s no longer a worry.

Travel Article

travel article

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